Genetic progress forward


PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION will start breeding in 2007 (fresh semen from April to September, frozen semen from September)

The famous VAROUSSA, endurance world champion, will be the first mare to be inseminated by Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion.
Be one of the first breeders to have a foal from an endurance champion selected on his performances !

with Valerie KANAVY

Location and conditions for breeding in 2007


We have presented Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion in Rambouillet

On May 12, we have presented Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion to the Endurance competitors of the 100 Miles race of Rambouillet, the French selection for Aachen world Championchip..
There was a great interest in the media, as he was seen on the screen of the prime time News Relaes of the four main French Channels,TF1, Antenne 2, FR3 and Canal+. An interesting article was published in Le Figaro....AFP's article

Pieraz is THE endurance champion

Pieraz, monté par Valérie Kanavy

Pieraz, ridden by Valerie Kanavy

He has been twice world champion in individual with two different riders. In 1994, he won the world championships in the Haag in individual. In 1996, he renews his sucess with his victory in the world championships in Fort Riley with an other rider, Danielle Kanavy, and proves his value.

His career has been covered of success with the best rewards. He is winner of International Arabian Horse endurance Championshis, winner of International Arabian Horse Competitive Championships, He is a Cosequin challenge winner. He obtained the 1994 best condition reward.

His price list is exceptional. Pieraz is the horse, each endurance rider dreams. He has been 12 times winner in 160 km races among the best races.

Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion will transmit Pieraz's pedigree

"Were he (Pieraz) still a stallion, his sperm would have the same DNA and when combined with a mare, there would be a real good chance that you would get a capable foal." Valérie Kanavy

Pieraz Psar



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Cryozootech has received Pieraz-Cryozootech-stallion passport

On saturday september 24th, at the FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships in Lanaken, Zangersheide Stud-book has officialy recognized Pieraz-Cryozootech-stallion. Eric Palmer, CEO of Cryozootech has been given the passport of Pieraz-Cryozootech-stallion by Mister Melchior, president of Zangersheide stud-book. Stud book Zangersheide is a recognized european stud-book european, member of the WBFSH.

The official papers


First images of a cloned stallion's sperm !

PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION is moving on to the next stage at only two.

He will be covering a few mares this year.

Spermogram results : Apt to serve

Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion got over with its spermogram tests. He's two years old and we're happy to announce that he's sexually mature : limited but normal quantity of spermatozoa for this age stallion. We are about to start with the breed with immediate insemination and as soon as the quality of the sperm will allow us to send some chilled semen, we'll do so. So, for the moment, Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion will stay in the heart of the endurance breeding area and will breed at Haras du Mas de Reboul 30130 CARSAN -See 2007 Conditions.