Genetic progress forward


Production of the clone of Calvaro V : one year delay

Cryozootech has started the syndication of this future stallion which was awaited for 2006. Today, Cryozootech announces one year delay for this program. A foal, twin of Calvaro V was born during July 2006 but could not be kept alive.

This premature birth happened more than a month early and, despite all care given to this foal, born after a 10 month pregnancy, he has developed a septic arthritis which would have led to important damages and could not treated.

Unfortunately these things can happed often in breeding and, everyone knows that the outcome is rarely good for a birth before 305 days . These circumstances lead us to develop a specific care program for new-born foals; this was undertaken immediately and is already underway.

This loss does not modify in any way our commitment, with members of the Calvaro-Cryozootech-Stallion syndicate, to give birth to a healthy foal. Cryozootech has already started the production of embryos for a birth in 2007. As before, we will announce when a pregnancy has been confirmed.

Cryozootech keeps to its aim despite this incident. Indeed, we have had the great pleasure of the birth of a clone of ET in 2006, as well as the initiation of 5 pregnancies of horses of great value in show jumping and dressage.

In August 2004, Cryozootech company had already announced that it had obtained the very first embryos of Calvaro-V-Stallion and ET-Stallion. Strong of its technical advance in its laboratories and of the value of the genetics used, Cryozootech had revealed its very last progress.

Calvaro, champion de CSO

Calvaro-Cryozootech-Stallion, the father of your future foal

Your foal obtained with Calvaro V-Stallion’s semen, is the foal by Calvaro V you would have obtained if Calvaro V had not been castrated.

Calvaro V-Stallion is intended to be a stallion

Calvaro V-Stallion foal will grow up and become a stallion able to reproduce himself. Like any stallion, his semen will be delivered to breeders for their mares’ insemination. At the end of her gestation, each mare will give a foal whose paternal genetics will be Calvaro V’s ones. Any breeder can profit from this genetics by becoming the owner of one Calvaro V’s share.

The genetics of Calvaro V has been taken by Cryozootech

In 2003, Calvaro V, the worldwide famous showjumper, was retired at his rider's. Cryozootech has taken cells from the champion's chest in order to preserve his genetics. With such a prizes list, it would have been a pity to let this champion without offsprings.