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Paris-Texas, the second foal, clone of a champion horse was born on March, 13th 2005. He follows Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion born 2 weeks earlier in Italy.

Paris-Texas is 45 days old

Paris-Texas in photos


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Paris-Texas in his paddock (.jpg, 280ko)

Credit of the photos: CRYOZOOTECH

A bay foal with 3 socks

Paris-Texas, a bay foal with 3 socks, was born on March 13th, 2005 in College Station, Texas. He weighted 60 pounds at birth and doubled weight during his first three weeks. This rapid growth attests of his good health.

The pregnancy was carried by Greta, a Quarter Horse mare who was chosen for her maternal ability. He comes shortly after Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion born two weeks earlier in Italy.

Some differences in the technique for the same goal

The technique developed by Dr Hinrichs in Texas presents a few differences with the one of professor Galli in Italy:
  • Instead of electro-fusion of the donor cell with a denuded oocyte, the nucleus is introduced mechanically into the cytoplasm of the oocyte, using a « piezo drill ».
  • Dr Hinrichs obtains an additional stimulation of the embryonic development by injecting biochemical extracts of equine spermatozoa.
The biopsy, cell cultures, deep freezing and conditioning were performed by Cryozootech who provided the cells. The genetic donor of cells is a European show jumping champion of 20 years at the time of the biopsy. He is still showing a high genetic superiority to the contemporary horse population. Like Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion, his future is not to be a performer, but, as a stallion, to transmit the superior genes of his model.

An old cooperation in horse reproductive science

The cooperation between Katrin Hinrichs and Eric Palmer Director of Cryozootech is an old one : as early as 1987 they published some collaborative work on horse embryo transfer. Since that time, Dr Hinrichs reached Texas A&M university, a famous laboratory for its cloning successes. The horse is the sixth animal species cloned in Texas A&M laboratories, after cattle, goats, pigs, a deer and a cat.
In 2003 Cryozootech which had already several horse champions on line for cloning, proposed to Texas A&M a cooperation program for the production of the clone of a horse champion. Dr Hinrichs was previously, working with cells of experimental horses with no genetic value and the use of valuable cells from Cryozootech’s cell bank allowed to finance the research .

Cloning upon order of a horse owner

Cryozootech who was convinced that there is a market for horse cloning had taken all the risks for Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion , buying the rights for cloning Pieraz and producing the clone. It will also have to sell Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion or its semen before getting a return from its investment.

On the contrary, Paris-Texas was made on behalf of the owner of the donor animal. This is the first proof of a real market for horse cloning. Therefore Cryozootech has two economic models : either buying genetic, producing clones and marketing them, or saving genes on behalf of horse owners, just providing a service.

In this case, the owner has the decisions of storing, cloning and disclosing the identity of the horse. Today Paris-Texas owner has decided to keep the identity of the donor confidential until he will present the donor and its more than 20 years younger twin together in an arena for registration in a European stud-book.

Cryozootech’s next foals

Cryozootech’s crop for 2005 is now finished. Cryozootech announced last year the first embryos of E.T.-Stallion and of Calvaro-Stallion but the pregnancy was not maintained and it will be necessary to wait until 2006 to see the foals, now in preparation, who will perpetuate the genes of these two exceptional geldings.

However the two births of 2005 provide a guarantee of future success for this project. E.T.-Stallion and Calvaro-Stallion are being financed by the sale of shares of the future stallions. Cryozootech will continue its scientific cooperation programmes until the technique of cloning reaches its final applicable version. Simultaneously Cryozootech is setting its own production unit.

The genetic of Paris Texas has been revealed

Paris-texas is the clone of Quidam de Revel

Quidam de Revel, the best stallion in the world




Jalisco B

Furioso xx


Quidam de Revel

Fra Diavolo xx



Ondine de Baugy

Quidam bloodline is a combination of the two best Selle Français bloodlines: Jalisco B and Uriel (Dirka's full brother)

His production

Among performers, Quidam has produced :
Goldy, Guidan, Circa Z, Tlalloc La Silla, Nabab de Rêve, Dollars Boy, Hermès St Lois, Happy Villers, Jadis de Toscane, Belsedène d’Amaury, Bamby II, Baie Mahault, Coucou des Vivreau, Demie-Lune, Darios V, Furka du Village, Huppydam des Horts, Eve des Étisses, Dolovia de Sapaie, Drakkar de Phaële, Diam de la Ressée, Diabolo du Parc, Étoupe, Bianca d’Amaury, Eyken des Fontenis, Electra d’Amaury, Éburovic Granpré, Coco Chanel Trèfle, Billy de Forcilles, Happy Villers.

Paris-Texas at 7 months