Genetic progress forward

Press review on horse cloning

French and international press writes about horse cloning and Cryozootech

Z magazine
October-november 2005
Stud-book Zangersheide delivers the first passports of cloned horses !

September 2005
Cloned foals received their passports at Z

September 2005
Konen van paarden
August 16th 2005
Pieraz – Cryozootech – Stallion, is having a wonderful childhood at Cryozootech's stud-farm. article

Z magazine

june-july 2005,
Eric Palmer clones colts from geldings
The French company Cryozootech has produced two cloned foals, one in the USA and one in Europe. ...

june 2005
And double for Cryozootech
Birth of a showjumping champion ...

Cheval Arabe France
may-june 2005
Birth of Pieraz-Cryozootech-stallion, clone the endurance world champion Pieraz....

may 2005
Birth of Pieraz-Cryozootech-stallion, clone of an endurance champion
Cloning technique is improving and gives an other birth. ...

Le Monde
14 avril 2005,
Des scientifiques ont cloné un cheval,

Le Figaro,
April 14th, Isabelle Brisson
A world champion cloned for his genetic qualities. A breakthrough

Le nouvel Obs
C.D. 14 avril,
Le clonage au service des animaux d’exception, article,

Naissance du clone d'un champion du monde d'endurance

Nouvelles radio-canada
Second clone d'un cheval,
Les laboratoires LTR et Cryzoootech ont annoncé la naissance d'un clone de cheval castré... article

TSR, Télévision suisse romande
Naissance en Italie d'un poulain cloné
La naissance d'un clone de cheval castré, qui devrait permettre de restaurer la capacité de reproduction de l'animal stérilisé...

Sciences et avenir
C.D, 14 avril 2005
le clonage au service des chevaux d'exception

Des scientifiques ont cloné un cheval
14 avril 2005,
Il est le clone du champion du monde d’endurance 1994 et 1996 Pieraz, propriété de la cavalière américaine Valerie Kanavy...

Ouest France
Premiers clones de chevaux en France
"A french laboratory aims to get back reproduction capacity to top level geldings. "
Monday, August, 23rd 2004, Benoîte Jalet

La Croix
Le clonage s’intéresse aux chevaux
"This new technique would prevent top quality animals from extinction, consequently Eric Palmer proposes cloning for breeding"
Friday, August, 20th 2004, Benjamin Béchaux

France 3 Ile de France
Friday, August, 13th 2004, Karine Belifat

Le Figaro
Des chevaux champions bientôt clonés en France
Tuesday, August, 10th 2004, Emilie Brisson

Le Nouvel Obs
Quand on clonera les chevaux castrés
Tuesday, August, 10th 2004, Olivier Frégaville-Arcas

TF1, news
Tuesday, August, 10th 2004, Fabrice Collaro

Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Springpferd Calvaro bald geklont ?
Wednesday, August, 10th 2004

The Scotsman
French Company to clone Champion Horses
"In 1990, Mr Palmer produced the world’s first test tube foal by in-vitro fertilisation"
Susan Bell, August, 11th 2004

Sciences et avenir
Quand on clonera les chevaux castrés
Wednesday, August, 11th 2004


French and international press writes about horse cloning and Cryozootech