Genetic progress forward

Eric PALMER, Chief Executive and Founder of CRYOZOOTECH, elected at the «ACADEMIE D’AGRICULTURE DE FRANCE»

This election is the acknowledgment for a whole carrier dedicated to research and innovation in the horse breeding area. It represents as well for CRYOZOOTECH a real honour and  the recognition of  the scientific relevance of his approach.
Académie d'Agriculture de France, rue de Bellechasse

Eric Palmer is acquainted with awarding many decorations for his action to serve breeding :

Mérite Agricole : Chevalier in 1987, Officier in 1995 , when he was head of INRA Tours-Nouzilly Research Department.

Prix Robert Cassou ,awarded as well by French Academy of Agriculture.

Eric  Palmer, fondateur de CRYOZOOTECH

Since the foundation of CRYOZOOTECH in 2001, he was awarded with the gold medal of the «Académie d’Agriculture de France» in 2003 and has been today elected permanent correspondent of the «Académie d’Agriculture de France».


He’ll get together with his first peers, Henry BLANC and François DU MESNIL DU BUISSON. Henry  BLANC, when Managing Director of the Haras Nationaux, initiated the research partnership between INRA and the Haras Nationaux. François DU MESNIL DU BUISSON was Eric Palmer’s first headmaster and the one who managed to make him taking his first steps as a researcher.


Eric Palmer grants them a known authorship in his work : «Many years after I started, I re-read by chance the project of the program both Henry Blanc and François du Mesnil du Buisson had written before my recruitment. I suddenly became aware of the fact that most of what I had done was in fact already scheduled before I arrived. A real lesson in humility !»

Henry Blanc,

Henry Blanc,


Former Managing Director of Haras Nationaux,


Permanent Emeritus Member of the «Académie d’Agriculture de France»,


Initiator of equine research in France.



CRYOZOOTECH announces the birth of the clone of Calvaro 5,the jumping champion of the Swiss rider, Villi Melliger

CRYOZOOTECH announces the birth of the clone of  Calvaro 5 , Villi Melliger’s famous grey gelding, deceased in 2003. CRYOZOOTECH  bought a skin biopsy and the right to clone from Villi Melliger and has started to sell shares of the future stallion for co-ownership since 2004. To date, CRYOZOOTECH has sold 25% of the shares to investors and still owns 75% of the foal called CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION.

The production took 5 years: In the first year, embryos were obtained but no pregnancy could be obtained. In 2005, a first pregnancy was initiated. A foal was born prematurely in 2006, but did not survive. New cloning attempts were performed in 2007 and resulted in the present healthy foal born at the beginning of August.

This long process illustrates the steps towards a production which is still far from a routine technique. In contrast, however, horse breeders who will use CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION will be sure of the genetics they use, because CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION is 100% genetically identical to the original, whose performance was outstanding.

E.T. CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION , the clone of E.T.FRH, the Jumping champion of the years 1995-2000, starts a career of stallion

E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION becomes stallion at the onset of his third year. After performing fertility tests and after being approved as a stallion by Zangersheide Studbook followed shortly thereafter by the AES studbook, he will serve a few priviledged mares in 2009 in the French region of Normandy

A new step for cloned horses and a new that will please Hugo SIMON, the rider of ET FRH:

E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION, 30 months old, becomes a stallion. He will be the first recognised cloned stallion  in the area of show jumping.

The first sport horse to be cloned,, E.T. FRH was the world best show jumper of years 1995 à 2000 ridden by Hugo Simon. Showing an exceptionnal agility,He won the highest jumping competition always with tremendous speed.

E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION was born in june 2006 in  Texas, following a  collaboration between CRYOZOOTECH and TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY.

In January 2009 E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION ‘semen was collected for the first time. In spite of his young age,his semen proved fertile and a first mare was bred as an assesment. She is now pregnant of 40 days.

More recently he received stallion approval by studbook Zangersheide which allows him insemination with registration of his offspring. AES studbook followed rapidly and also approved him as a stallion. Other studbooks might follow later . The rule in Europe is that a horse can be registered in only one studbook, which defines his breed affiliation, but a horse can be approved as a stallion by several studbooks which want to introduce his genes is the blood lines of the breed.

According to geneticists, it is important to keep the generation interval  as short as possible and the performance of his model already qualified is genes. This is why he should be used as a stallion as soon as possible and not participate in competition. This decision is an evidence that the target of Crozootech is genetics rather than producing phenotypic copy of champions.

ET CRYOZOOTECH STALLION has now all the technical and legal requirements to become a stallion in Europe.

In order to prevent overuse and fatigue of this very young stallion, only a small number of mares will be inseminated on the farm where he will be accomodated: the Horse Embryo Trransfer facility of AMELIS-EQUITECHNIC at CORBON (F14340). He will be under technical responsability of Marc SPALART, (Tel +33 2 33 67 80 70, GSM +33 6 14 17 11 90, email He is too young to have a stock of frozen semen and in order to save his semen  insemination will be performed immediatly, without transport.

A small number of high quality mares will be selected in addition to those of share owners in order to see a good sample of his offspring as soon as his first generation.

Information and press contact:

CRYOZOOTECH           Phone +33134844313    Fax +33134844788        Email :

Carnet Rose for CRYOZOOTECH :

Birth of PIERAZADE DU VIALARET, first foal to be born from a cloned stallion.

PIERAZADE DU VIALARET is the daughter of PIERAZ CRYOZOOTECH STALLION and DZIUPLA, one of the foundation mares the endurance specialist “Elevage du VIALARET” possess.
She was born last 5th May. The first picture has been taken the very day of her birth and the second one a few days later.
Let’s wish both PIERAZADE DU VIALARET and her breeder, Mr GENIEYS, to succeed. Let’s remind that Mr GENIEYS is the first bredder to own a foal which carries the genes of the Champion PIERAZ.
This birth ensues from Pégaso’s one. Pegaso is Prométéa’s foal, the first mare Professor Galli has cloned. We hope to breed Prométéa this year with PIERAZ CRYOZOOTECH.
PIERAZ CRYOZOOTECH STALLION is approved as a stallion in the AES.Studbook.
His fresh semen is now available from EQUITECHNIC Laboratory for 2008 breeding season.

2007: CRYOZOOTECH news in the field of equine cloning

Press release, August 22nd, 2007

CRYOZOOTECH is happy to announce the birth of the clone of 2003 dressage world champion POETIN 2, a Brandeburg mare that died prematurely in 2005. Now CRYOZOOTECH enters the dressage world. This achievement illustrates the use of the cloning technique for genetic safeguarding.

The first pregnancies from cloned horses have been obtained: PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION, the first clone of a gelded champion horse, has covered Dziupla, a well known endurance mare from Vialaret farm: a foal is expected in 2008. Simultaneously Prométéa, a research pony mare and the first horse clone to be born, is also pregnant, due to foal in 2008.

POETIN 2 was born in 1997. This Brandeburg mare has an interesting life story:

POETIN 2, from Sandro Hit and Poesie by Brentano, was promised to a bright future: she won the German championship and the world championship in dressage for young horses, with so far unequalled grades (she got a 10/10 for her trotting performance!). She was sold € 2.5 million in 2003 to an ING Bank / van der Zwan farm (Netherlands) consortium. Xavier Marie acquired her in 2005 after the consortium had broken up. Unfortunately, when she reached his place, POETIN 2 had acute laminitis from which she did not recover. She was euthanised in December 2005. Knowing of CRYOZOOTECH's work for genetic preservation, Xavier Marie asked for her cells to be collected beforehand, with the objective in mind to get a replacement for his new studfarm HARAS DE HUS.

POETIN's clone was born on March 30th, 2007. Now she frolics in paddocks of the Haras de Hus near Nantes on the west coast of France. This illustrates how cloning can be used to prevent exceptional genetics from being lost!

Equine clones have reached a new threshold in 2007: they are getting progeny

PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION was made to become a stallion instead of his gelded model PIERAZ. It was important to rapidly test his fertility. First breeding trials were performed in 2007 as soon as he turned 2. This took place in the Haras du MAS DE REBOUL in the Gard department, where many endurance horses are bred. CRYOZOOTECH is proud to announce the first pregnancy from a cloned stallion. The pregnant mare is DZIUPLA, from the Vialaret farm, belonging to M. Genieys. She is one of the best endurance mares in France. Now PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION is being transferred to EQUITECHNIC's laboratory in Normandie where semen freezing trials are to be performed, so that his semen can rapidly become available internationally.

Prof. Cesare Galli, from Italy, has helped with the production of PIERAZ. In 2007, his Haflinger mare PROMETEA, the first cloned horse, has been bred for the first time in his research facilities and she is in foal, due in 2008.