Genetic progress forward

E.T. CRYOZOOTECH : foals abroad and 2015 breeding in Belgium at Joris de Brabander’s studfarm

First foreign E.T. Cryozootech products were born in Belgium and in Argentina. Pleased with his foals, Joris de Branbander has been willing to manage E.T. in 2015 to provide you with fresh semen in Belgium at his place, Haras de Muze.

First E.T. products born in Belgium have been conceived at Joris de Brabander’s farm and were born last July 2014. Their mothers are :

·        Excellentia de Muze,  (For Pleasure  & Narcotique de Muze)

·        Fuga de Muze, ( Calato & Narcotique de Muze)

·        Geneve de Muze ( Vigo de Arsouille & Nelke van het Wateshoot)

Given his foals, Joris de Brabander asked for breeding E.T. Cryozootech in 2015 at Haras de Muze, Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

Following these births, first foals were born in Argentina end of 2014. Thanks to Jose Luis Boren, importer of E.T.’s frozen semen, they’ve been conceived and were born to well-born mares :

·        XX by Perfect Baby, by Calvados ( ex Sable Rose)  x Quartz du Vallon, Mr Anibal Diaz (Rosario)

·        ETONIA, daughter of VDL Atlantic  X VDL Orame X Lucky Boy), Mr Carlos Izasa.

·        ET CHIN daughter of Chin Chin  X Indoctro X Quito de Baussy), Mr Anibal Diaz

/Perfect BabyEToniaETchin

XX / Perfect Baby                                 Etonia                                                     ET Chin

And last-minute news !..... First pregnancy in New Zealand thanks to Doctor Lee Morris, importer of E.T. Cryozootech semen for Equibreed NZ Ltd, Awamutu, New Zealand.

His name is RUSTY Clone 1, He is the clone of RUSTY 047, the champion of Ulla Salzgeber. He is now ridden

He is just 2 and a half years old. We could not keep him any more in the herd without risk of wounds... So we took him inside the barn and started to manipulate him.He is so cooperative that he was rapidly ridden and started a light work. Here is the result after a few months. One forgets his young age!


DNA analyses provided by UCD university allow certification of the semen of cloned stallions: The nuclear DNA of the spermatozoa is the same as that of the original or that of the clone; the Mitochondria DNA of the semen is the same as that of the clone but is different from the MT DNA of the original. However this traceability will not apply to the offspring which will receive only nuclear DNA from the semen and MT DNA from the inseminated mare.

The result of such analyses was quite predictable, but it is worth showing them. They can also be used to verify the origin of marketed semen : It is possible to silence the rumor of semen of a clone sold as semen of the original. This for ethical and fair trade reasons. However from a genetic point of view, the offspring of a clone is not different from the offspring of the original.

here is a summary of the analyses performed on the semen of E.T. CRYOZOOTECH.
tracabilite ADN


Calvaro Cryozootech started working at the beginning of 2013. After 9 months of training he was tried by Stephane Rage on a few jumps. please, have a look!


Our Geman friends are getting interested in horse cloning. See the video from Arte.

LEVISTO ALPHA Z, one of the clones from CRYOZOOTECH production, medalist at the Belgian Young Horses Championchip, 4 years class.

LEVISTO ALPHA Z is the first clone of CRYOZOOTECH production to participate in official competition. He made a double clear round at the final competition for 4 years old horses , Belgian Championship.

It is an information from  studforlife:
Below, LEVISTO ALPHA Z free jumping at stallion qualification and ridden at Belgian championship for young horses.
Levisto alpha z en liberteLevisto Alpha Z au championnat

Dressage: Two Clones of RUSTY , now one year old.

RUSTY, the champion of the years 1998 to 2004 ridden by Ulla Salsgeber has been cloned. Two wonderful yearlings,the property of CRYOZOOTECH are bred one in Europe and one in USA. they are both registred in Anglo European Studbook.

CRYOZOOTECH is proud to enter the Dressage world by presenting the two clones of RUSTY..
Cryozootech will raise these horses to become stallions.

please click here to see a video of the original RUSTY 047at 2003 world cup

Rusty clone 1 is raised in CRYOZOOTECH facilities, Sonchamp, France. 

Rusty clone2 is raised at Puntaci Farm, Gainesville, Texas. Sergio is our partner since 2005 for exporting clones to Europe. Thanks to Jan and Sergio Elia for this long term cooperation that introduced themto jumpers and Dressage horses.

Breeding and breaking dressage horses is a new area for CRYOZOTECH who will consider a partnership with a top dressage rider or breeder. Alternatively these yearlings could be sold.

If you are interested, please contact us

RUSTY, 2 clones

ET-CRYOZOOTECH 2013 first births

The first 2013 foals out of E.T.-CRYOZOOTECH were born in France at CRYOZOOTECH premises. The next ones are expected abroad, mainly in USA, Argentina, Belgium, New Zealand where semen is available from our partners:

In June 2012 the FEI announced :
the clones and offspring of clones were welcome in FEI official competitions,
 a boost for E.T. stallion career!

 Three wonderful foals were born in April at CRYOZOOTECH farm, in SONCHAMP France:

ETONNANTE Z    14 days old

par       E.T. CRYOZOOTECH
et         DIANA PHIR (ISO 150) par JABAD


ETHIC Z           4 days olds

par       E.T. CRYOZOOTECH
et         INES DU GORD (ISO 148)
            par   CLOWN DU CHESNAY


ETAMINE Z        4 days old

par       E.T. CRYOZOOTECH
et         INES DU GORD (ISO 148)
            par   CLOWN DU CHESNAY

For purchase of frozen semen  please contact our partners:

USA: Kathleen Mc Nulty, ,

Argentina: Dr Jose Luis Boren, , ,

New Zealand, Dr Lee Morriss, ,


Belgium, LINALUX,

E.T. CRYOZOOTECH jumps a few fences

Although E.T. CRYOZOOTECH is devoted to be a stallion exclusively,a few breeders have asked to see him jump over a few fences. Taking advantage of the break of the reproductive season, He was trained by Stephane Rage at the "Haras de Villers" stud for two months. just have a look of his natural aptitude...

Team Murka adds Gem Twist clone to its stable

Team Murka is delighted to announce the successful cloning of Olympic medal-winning show jumper Gem Twist and the addition of the colt, Murka’s Gem, to its already globally successful stable. Thanks to French genetic bank Cryozootech and the agreement of the Chapot family, the birth of Murka’s Gem has been made possible.


 Gem Twist was one of the most successful show jumping horses of all time. Owned and bred by Frank Chapot, the Thoroughbred gelding was competed for the United States of America by Greg Best, Leslie Howard and Frank and Mary Chapot’s daughter, Laura Chapot. He was born in 1979 and died in 2006. During his career, the grey gelding won team and individual silver under Greg Best at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, was three times American Grand Prix Association Horse of the Year and was named “World’s Best Horse” at the 1990 Stockholm World Equestrian Games.

 After Gem Twist’s death in 2006, Cryozootech began work on producing his first clone on behalf of the Chapot family. Success was achieved in 2008 when “Gemini” was foaled. The colt foal followed his genetic donor’s growth pattern, starting off chestnut in colour before turning grey. Since then a second successful clone of Gem Twist, Murka’s Gem has been born, in 2011, and, like his predecessor, he displays the same developmental traits and patterns.

 As a gelding, Gem Twist could not be bred from, which was frustrating for those who wished to continue his line. His successful cloning has now allowed that to be changed, as his reproductively entire clones will be able to pass on his highly-sought genetics.

 Olga White, founder of Team Murka, said: “It is absolutely unbelievable that we have a perfectly entire clone of Gem Twist, recognised by many as the greatest show jumper to have lived and competed. For my rider, Peter Charles, this is a dream come true. A few years ago we would not even have dreamed. Thanks to Frank and Mary Chapot and the assistance of Eric Palmer from Cryozootech, it is now a reality.

 “Gem Twist was a horse with a heart of gold who would never say die. This is what makes a good show jumper into a great show jumper. Whilst the FEI has recently lifted restrictions on clones and their offspring competing, there are currently no plans to compete Murka’s Gem. He will be an addition to and instrumental in Team Murka’s breeding programme.”

 Eric Palmer, chief executive and founder of Cryozootech, added:

The genetic bank of Cryozootech allowed Olga, with the agreement of Frank and Mary Chapot, to obtain her clone of Gem Twist, the horse of her dreams.”

“Other champion horses are also available in Cryozootech’s bank, ready for cloning.

So it is not necessary to be the owner of the champion horse to possess his clone. One just has to consult the catalogue of Cryozootech cell bank.

 Now a yearling, Murka’s Gem is being stabled in the United States. He will remain there until the New Year 2013 when he will be flown to Great Britain to stand at stud.

JAZZ cloned!

The KWPN stallion JAZZ, leader in Dressage breeding has been cloned. Two healthy foals are expected shortly at Broere stud in Holland.

Studfarm Broere has announced that in March 2011 the French company Cryozootech, led by Mr. Eric Palmer has commissioned cloning Broere Jazz . Two months ago two 2 healthy foals were born in America. The foals will come eventually to the Netherlands in the stables of studfarm Broere in Alblasserdam. "We are delighted that we have been able to use this feature. Broere Jazz, which has proved to be so valuable for the sport and breeding is in this special way genetically determined. In the future, these clones may be used as a breeding stallion. Hereby the valuable heritage of Jazz is preserved " , said studfarm Broere.

clones are wellcome in FEI competitions

in a press release dated June 18 2012, the FEI annouced a change in their position concerning clones and offspring of clones


The result of 10 years of smooth information and lobbying!

 “The latest research on the issue of equine cloning was presented and debated at the FEI Sports Forum. The FEI Bureau accepted that the position of the FEI on equine clones and their progeny should be changed to “The FEI will not forbid participation of clones or their progenies in FEI competitions. The FEI will continue to monitor further research, especially with regard to equine welfare.”


From :






The first foal out of Pieraz, PIERAZADE, was born in 2008. She is now 4 and has just foaled . A magnificent foal !

Endurance races are not for too young horses, and there is space for one or two foals in the life of a good filly before being prepared for competition..

Congratulation to the  Genieys Family who continues to be precursor.
They find this foal an outstanding successor of PIERAZ !


now AVAILABLE worldwide: click here


Birth on May 9th 2011 of a wonderful foal by ET CRYOZOOTECH Z.



             and DIANA PHIR ( Selle Français, performing index ISO=150)

                      by JABAD (SF)

                          and Neige d’Aur Phir (7 foals of which 4 with ISO>125)   

                                          by Gaur xx).

ET CETERA 15 jours

15 days old             ET CETERA Z               4 months old

congratulation to  Eric Palmer, his breeder.... and.... founder of CRYOZOOTECH

ROMULUS 17 clone of ROMULUS 16

Congratulation to Julia Harrison Lee the owner of this wonderful foal, clone of ROMULUS 16.

ROMULUS 16 (KWPN by Armstrong X Warina )was ridden by Charles Damian for the UK team in the years 1998-2004. He was pre-selected for the Olympic games of SYDNEY but did not participate . Then he was sold to his present owner, Julia Harrison Lee who rode him with success in  Amateur classes.

ROMULUS 16, the model           and ROMULUS 17 the clone
with Charles Damian                with Julia Harrison Lee

GEMINI, clone of Gem Twist is 2 years old

The CHAPOT family sent us some news for his birthday. Gemini seems to be the favorite of Frank, but he is not the only one. Gemini is already riden. Isn't he gorgeous!

Gemini clone de Gem Twist, 2 ans avec Frank Chapot

OKI DOKI will be cloned!

At the very last moment, cells of OKI DOKI have been collected by Cryozootech . Processing will take place rapidly.

OKIDOKI is the prototype of what CRYOZOOTECH wants to clone: an outstanding performing horse, but a castrated horse that would be lost for genetic improvement if cloning did not exist!

his aptitude was exceptionnal and he was nominated The KWPN horse of the year 2008.

His clone will correct the mistake that was made when he was castrated.

Jose Larocca agreed for CRYOZOOTECH to perform the cloning as soon as possible and the bwork will start soon.



C'est in extremis que les gènes d'OKIDOKI ont été mis en banque par CRYOZOOTECH. La mise en oeuvre du clonage devrait suivre dans la foulée.

OKIDOKI correspond tout à fait à la cible du clonage chez les chevaux: C'est un cheval aux aptitudes exceptionnelles, hongre, donc normalement perdu pour la sélection. Son clone sera là pour pallier cette erreur. Il a été élu cheval KWPN de l'année 2008.
CRYOZOOTECH, a qui  José LAROCCA a donné carte blanche, cherche un ou des partenaires pour ce projet qui est d'ores et déja sur les rails.


CRYOZOOTECH announces the birth of the clone of Calvaro 5,the jumping champion of the Swiss rider, Villi Melliger

CRYOZOOTECH announces the birth of the clone of  Calvaro 5 , Villi Melliger’s famous grey gelding, deceased in 2003. CRYOZOOTECH  bought a skin biopsy and the right to clone from Villi Melliger and has started to sell shares of the future stallion for co-ownership since 2004. To date, CRYOZOOTECH has sold 25% of the shares to investors and still owns 75% of the foal called CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION.

The production took 5 years: In the first year, embryos were obtained but no pregnancy could be obtained. In 2005, a first pregnancy was initiated. A foal was born prematurely in 2006, but did not survive. New cloning attempts were performed in 2007 and resulted in the present healthy foal born at the beginning of August.

This long process illustrates the steps towards a production which is still far from a routine technique. In contrast, however, horse breeders who will use CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION will be sure of the genetics they use, because CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION is 100% genetically identical to the original, whose performance was outstanding.


Another Champion Horse of Cryozootech genetic bank cloned. The clone of the mythic horse of the dutch rider Jan TOPS born on March 16th 2010 is now 4 months old. A wonderful and athetlic black colt.

Top Gun La Silla
(click here to see more images of TOP GUN CRYOZOOTECH)

Top Gun was born in 1982 and became the First Horse of Jan TOPS in 1991 after having spent some time in the stable of Paul Schockemöhle and of Nick Skelton. With Jan Top he had an exceptional success at international level.

(click here to see TOP GUN's records)

Top Gun was a Hanoverian gelding by GRANNUS and WIANKA by WINNETOU. GRANNUS was an exceptionnal s
tallion, producing many international winners, of which 7 at Olympic level.

(click here to see Top Gun's pedigree)

Top Gun performed  with Jan Tops under the name of TOP GUN LA SILLA, Alfonso Romo being the owner of the horse. TOP GUN retired from competition in 1999 and remained the rest of his life in Walkesvaard, in Jan Tops' stables. His cells were collected by Eric Palmer in 2002.
TOP GUN LA SILLA died in 2005 and the decision of cloning was taken in 2006. TOP GUN CRYOZOOTECH was born after 3 years of work and one year of pregnancy .

America or Europe? The final destination of TOP GUN CRYOZOOTECH is not yet known.

 (to read the whole press release, please click here)

CRYOZOOTECH presents the clone of GRANDE DAME

A new achievement for Cryozootech, a wonderful filly was born 4 months ago and is now raised in USA. It is the clone of the outstanding mare Grande Dame with a record of more than 60 prices in CSIO, CSIW or GPW competitions.

Grande Dame Cryozootech in the Texan winter

Grande Dame Cryozootech clone 3 months profileGrande Dame Cryozootech clone birthGrande Dame Cryozootech clone 3 months

A  new foal in CRYOZOOTECH's stables: the clone of the famous GRANDE DAME.

Grande Dame Jan Tops Cryozootechgrande dame Cryozootech Judy Ann Melchior GRANDE DAME's achievements are exceptional: more than 60 prices in international Jumping competitions (CSIO, CSIW or grand Prix W.)  and many more in  Grand Prix.

When ridden  by JAN TOPS, she won  8 first price, 2 second price, 9 third  and 10 fouth prices between  2000 et 2005. Then ridden by JUDY ANN MELCHIOR, she won 4 second prices et 5 fourth prices in these high level competitions between 2006 et 2008.

She is raised near  Dallas (Texas). The final destination of this wonderful filly nis not yet deternmined.

(to see the pedigree of Grande Dame, please click here)

(pour plus de renseignements cliquer ici.)