Genetic progress forward

CRYOZOOTECH news in the field of equine cloning

CRYOZOOTECH is happy to announce the birth of the clone of 2003 dressage world champion POETIN 2, a Brandeburg mare that died prematurely in 2005. Now CRYOZOOTECH enters the dressage world. This achievement illustrates the use of the cloning technique for genetic safeguarding.

Press release, August 22nd, 2007

FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships

Cryozootech attended this year again from 27th to 30th September the great venue “FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships”, which was held in the prestigious facilities of Zangersheide in Lanaken, Belgium.

We vere pleased to meet numerous professionals from the equine world, among which quite a few breeders, either European or North and South American. We’ve been satisfied to notice how open-minded and enthusiastic these visitors could be when considering the future of our techniques adapted to the breeding sphere.

This was the opportunity to ask for them proposals regarding the reasoned selection of models to be cloned. This question proved itself to be the beginning of a very constructive dialogue. And to top those positive days’ events all off , the visiting of Mr Saul Detlef-Christian was a real pleasure. Mr Detlef-Christian is the breeder of E.T. F.R.H. He expressed his satisfaction to find resemblances between the foal he bred and our 18 months E.T. Cryozootech Stallion and physical qualities as well.

Mr Saul Detlef Christian, Breeder of E.T.FRH - Lanaken 2007

All those opportunities for conversing with breeders show the very positive evolution of the professionals attitude towards cloning.

In conclusion, no need to say that the 2007 “FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships” was THE meeting not to miss ! And we didn’t miss it !