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Press release of 1st February 2007

  • Press conference on 4th February at 12h30
  • Presentation to the public on 4th February at 14 h00
    at Société d’équitation Bressanne, 2 rue du manège, 01000 Bourg en Bresse

Presentation to French breeders of the first clones of champion horse

CRYOZOOTECH will be presenting to French breeders two of its first cloned foals, raised at the Haras de Bonce, during the “TOP SIRE” stallions presentation which is organised by “Association des Syndicats des Eleveurs de Chevaux de Rhône-Alpes” on 4th February 2007 in Bourg en Bresse.
Thus, clones of castrated horse are coming into the breeding world. Cloning has given them back the right to pass on their genetic heritage; which without this technique would have been lost. Breeders will be able to note that if these horses are extraordinary thanks to their genes and heritage, they are just like other horses..

PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION, clone of PIERAZ, endurance World Champion in 1994 and in 1996

PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION is almost 2 years old. He was initially bay and now some white hairs start to appear. This reassures those who were surprised that he was not grey like the adult Pieraz. The progressive appearance of these white hairs follows the normal evolution program for a young horse who will become grey.
Due to his young age, PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION will not start covering before the season is well underway, that is to say 15th April and, only a small number of mares will be served. The first one is none other than Varoussa, endurance World Champion in 2000 in Compiègne (France).

E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION, clone of E.T.FRH, 3 times Best World Performer in 1996-97-98 and twice winner of the World Cup in 1996-97

For breeders of show jumping horses, E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION will seize the attention. He is only 7 months old and, this will be his first public appearance. Everyone can remember, E.T.FRH, the origina,l who has the best winning records in show jumping with the Austrian rider Hugo Simon. An incredible horse: rather small, he had the energy to jump so high and was always quicker then his rivals.
Like him, E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION is at the moment rather small but moves like a beauty with relaxed and energetic paces. When they see him moving with that energy, dressage riders will remember that ELVIS, dressage World N°5 at the moment, has exactly the same Hanoverian papers ( ESPRI and a daughter of GARIBALDI).

Clones are more and more recognised as normal animal, but they follow an innovative path:

For farm animals, amongst others bovines who are for human consumption, the authorities were in the first instance worried about the normality of the clones. The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) has just made public a report in which they found no reason to make any difference between meat coming from clones and meat of other animals. But for breeding, horses are at the forefront as the clones PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION, PARIS-TEXAS and E.T.CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION are the first cloned animals to be registered in a genealogic book. The first Studbook to register these clones is the Belgium Studbook ZANGERSHEIDE. It gives them a legal existence and a passport. But, their activity, as stallions to produce foals in France and furthermore at the age of 2, is an innovation, which has not been considered by the rules. Luckily, thanks to some opening in the rules, in 2006 the French legislation removed the notion of public covering and provides a passport for horse with “known origin” for foals born from non-declared services and who cannot be classified within one of the accredited categories in France. It has to follow these conditions: the foals themselves have to be declared and DNA tests have to prove their affiliation. This is the case for the first foals of PIERAZ-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION.

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