Genetic progress forward

LEVISTO ALPHA Z, one of the clones from CRYOZOOTECH production, medalist at the Belgian Young Horses Championchip, 4 years class.

LEVISTO ALPHA Z is the first clone of CRYOZOOTECH production to participate in official competition. He made a double clear round at the final competition for 4 years old horses , Belgian Championship.

It is an information from  studforlife:
Below, LEVISTO ALPHA Z free jumping at stallion qualification and ridden at Belgian championship for young horses.
Levisto alpha z en liberteLevisto Alpha Z au championnat

CRYOZOOTECH presents the clone of GRANDE DAME

A new achievement for Cryozootech, a wonderful filly was born 4 months ago and is now raised in USA. It is the clone of the outstanding mare Grande Dame with a record of more than 60 prices in CSIO, CSIW or GPW competitions.

Grande Dame Cryozootech in the Texan winter

Grande Dame Cryozootech clone 3 months profileGrande Dame Cryozootech clone birthGrande Dame Cryozootech clone 3 months

A  new foal in CRYOZOOTECH's stables: the clone of the famous GRANDE DAME.

Grande Dame Jan Tops Cryozootechgrande dame Cryozootech Judy Ann Melchior GRANDE DAME's achievements are exceptional: more than 60 prices in international Jumping competitions (CSIO, CSIW or grand Prix W.)  and many more in  Grand Prix.

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When ridden  by JAN TOPS, she won  8 first price, 2 second price, 9 third  and 10 fouth prices between  2000 et 2005. Then ridden by JUDY ANN MELCHIOR, she won 4 second prices et 5 fourth prices in these high level competitions between 2006 et 2008.

She is raised near  Dallas (Texas). The final destination of this wonderful filly nis not yet deternmined.

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2009, a busy year on all fronts

Births of the clones of Levisto, Air Jordan and Ratina. E.T. Cryozootech-Stallion and Pieraz-Cryozootech started successfully their reproductive life. And thanks to our research program, we are pleased to diversify our activity towards ICSI.

Productive year for births : 5 lovely outstanding foals, clones of Levisto, Air Jordan and above all three clones of Ratina. Those foals were born last April and arrived last July at Mr Melchior’s place.

left, the clones of Levisto,CRYOZOOTECH clone of AIR JORDAN

right, the clone of Air Jordan,


the 3 clones of Ratina


PIERAZ is now well-integrated in the endurance breeding thanks to the team of the Haras du Freysse, Claire Martin and Doctor Jean-Luc CHAMBOST, their veterinary. No less than 35 mares mated with Pieraz and 25 were pregnant end of the season. We’re eager to see all these foals at a show in 2010. Due to the good results Claire MARTIN had with him, she’ll be responsible for Pieraz’ reproduction in 2010. Conditions remain identical dernière.

Hereafter : Pieraz in Haras du Freysse, together with Pierazade and Vegaz, his first two 2008 and 2009 fillies.


Pieraz Haras du Freysse

E.T.-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION started its reproductive life in 2009 with a few number of breedings. Due to his young age (2.5 years since born late), he covered 8 mares among which some were away, other were embryo transfer or covered late in the season. 4 of them were diagnosed full, one of them being the recipient of the famous Uélème. It’s breaking occured end of summer so that he could be presented ridden, but he won’t participate in competition, which would be against our creed : clones exist to transmit an already proven genetics.

E.T.-CRYOZOOTECH STALLION will breed in 2010 at Domaine de Laye – Aurélien Laguide (tel. : +33

Hereafter some pictures of E.T.CRYOZOOTECH STALLION during Summer 2009.

ET trot été 09.jpg trot ete 09

Diversification of our activities : OPU+IVM+ICSI

Both our research team and our mares have been dedicated this year to those techniques so as to meet a real need


OPU (Ovum Pick Up) : it consists in puncturing all available follicles from a mare so as to recover the immature oocytes, having them then matured in vitro. 5 oocytes every 10 days can be obtained, which is to say 10 oocytes per cycle

IVM (In Vitro Maturation) : it enables the fertilisability of immature oocytes.

ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) : this type of constrained In-Vitro Fertilization via micro-manipulation enables to by-pass the low efficiency observed in the mare In-Vitro Fertilization.

Significant progress has been made and we’re close to success. Soon Cryozootech will offer his clients this technique OPU+IVM+ICSI. It gives the opportunity to fertilise infertile mares, to work with sub-fertile stallions and to fertilise several mares with only one dose of semen, which is of real interest applied to dead stallions for which the semen stock is very low.


Spermatozoon injection

In-Vitro embryo after ICSI


A few recent pictures of ET CRYZOOTECH

A booklet that summarises the story from ET FRH to ET CRYOZOOTECH

ET cryozootech galop bouleFor those interested by ET CRYOZOOTECH we have edited a short booklet of pictures of the saga from ET, the original to ET CRYOZOOTECH, the young stallion. You can browse the booklet by clicking on the picture.

If you are interested by the original pictures, you can browse the diaporama and select your favorite pictures by clicking here.


Another Champion Horse of Cryozootech genetic bank cloned. The clone of the mythic horse of the dutch rider Jan TOPS born on March 16th 2010 is now 4 months old. A wonderful and athetlic black colt.

Top Gun La Silla
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Top Gun was born in 1982 and became the First Horse of Jan TOPS in 1991 after having spent some time in the stable of Paul Schockemöhle and of Nick Skelton. With Jan Top he had an exceptional success at international level.

(click here to see TOP GUN's records)

Top Gun was a Hanoverian gelding by GRANNUS and WIANKA by WINNETOU. GRANNUS was an exceptionnal s
tallion, producing many international winners, of which 7 at Olympic level.

(click here to see Top Gun's pedigree)

Top Gun performed  with Jan Tops under the name of TOP GUN LA SILLA, Alfonso Romo being the owner of the horse. TOP GUN retired from competition in 1999 and remained the rest of his life in Walkesvaard, in Jan Tops' stables. His cells were collected by Eric Palmer in 2002.
TOP GUN LA SILLA died in 2005 and the decision of cloning was taken in 2006. TOP GUN CRYOZOOTECH was born after 3 years of work and one year of pregnancy .

America or Europe? The final destination of TOP GUN CRYOZOOTECH is not yet known.

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GEMINI, clone of Gem Twist is 2 years old

The CHAPOT family sent us some news for his birthday. Gemini seems to be the favorite of Frank, but he is not the only one. Gemini is already riden. Isn't he gorgeous!

Gemini clone de Gem Twist, 2 ans avec Frank Chapot


now AVAILABLE worldwide: click here


CRYOZOOTECH announces the birth of the clone of Calvaro 5,the jumping champion of the Swiss rider, Villi Melliger

CRYOZOOTECH announces the birth of the clone of  Calvaro 5 , Villi Melliger’s famous grey gelding, deceased in 2003. CRYOZOOTECH  bought a skin biopsy and the right to clone from Villi Melliger and has started to sell shares of the future stallion for co-ownership since 2004. To date, CRYOZOOTECH has sold 25% of the shares to investors and still owns 75% of the foal called CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION.

The production took 5 years: In the first year, embryos were obtained but no pregnancy could be obtained. In 2005, a first pregnancy was initiated. A foal was born prematurely in 2006, but did not survive. New cloning attempts were performed in 2007 and resulted in the present healthy foal born at the beginning of August.

This long process illustrates the steps towards a production which is still far from a routine technique. In contrast, however, horse breeders who will use CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION will be sure of the genetics they use, because CALVARO-CRYOZOOTECH-STALLION is 100% genetically identical to the original, whose performance was outstanding.


Cryozootech and the Chapot family are proud to announce the birth of the clone of Gem Twist, the American jumping unequaled champion

the clone of Gem TwistCRYOZOOTECH and the Chapot family announce the birth of the clone of Gem Twist, the grey thoroughbred gelding three times awarded “Horse of the Year”, double silver medal at Seoul Olympic games,  “world Best Horse” at the 1990 World Equestrian Games. This foal will bring to the breeding industry the blood of thoroughbred show jumpers, a very demanded type of stallion.

Gem Twiqt at SEOULIn 2006, Eric Palmer, founder of CRYOZOOTECH was looking for exceptionnal champion horses for his cloning project when he learned that Gem was still alive. The horse was exactly what he was looking for: an outstanding horse but without progeny because of early castration, the best candidate for cloning. He contacted Frank and Mary Chapot who immediatly approved the project of making a clone of this outstanding thoroughbred champion. Two years later arrives the clone Gem Twist who will certainly not be castrated.

Breeders are looking for thoroughbred stallions to bring more blood in their genetic pool, but they have very little choice of thoroughbred jumping performers. There are very few of them competing at a high level and almost all of them are geldings. Cryozootech brings a new tool for modern breeding with this innovative approach.

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