Genetic progress forward

Cryozootech founders

Professionals such as researchers, veterinaries, horses experts, all deeply convinced of the accuracy of the project on one side and disappointed to notice the lack of public support on the other side, decided to personally and financially get involved and therefore founded Cryozootech.

The composition of this experts group confirms how reliable this project is :
  • INRA scientific animal cloning specialists : Pascale Chavatte-Palmer, Yvan Heyman, Xavier Vignon, Etienne Laloy
  • Veterinarians (professors, journalists) : Jean-François Chary, Stéphane Martinot, Annie Corbin

  • Equestrian world and Stud Farms stakeholders : Henry Blanc, Bruno Pourchet

  • Industrial and pharmaceutical field people : Ivan Palmer, Marc Milhoud

  • Legal and patent right experts : Ann de Clercq, Jacqueline Pierre