Genetic progress forward

Presentation of Cryozootech CEO

Eric Palmer, a visionary

On top of revolutionary reproduction techniques by perfecting ultrasonography in mares, artificial insemination, stallion sperm freezing process, in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, Eric Palmer can now be credited with the best worldwide performers genetics cells storage and the cloning of the first sport horses.
Indeed in 2001 he founded Cryozootech S.A., the sole French company dealing with equine cloning.

In 2005, Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion, clone of the well-known endurance double world champion Pieraz, and Paris-Texas, alias Quidam de Revel, were born.
In 2006 it was E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion.

2007 will welcome as well renowned births such as the clone of Poetine, former Champion of Germany of Dressage.
Work is in progress to produce the clones of Ratina, Calvaro 5, Chellano, and many others..

Eric PALMER, Chief Executive and Founder of CRYOZOOTECH, elected at the «ACADEMIE D’AGRICULTURE DE FRANCE»

This election is the acknowledgment for a whole carrier dedicated to research and innovation in the horse breeding area. It represents as well for CRYOZOOTECH a real honour and  the recognition of  the scientific relevance of his approach.
Académie d'Agriculture de France, rue de Bellechasse

Eric Palmer is acquainted with awarding many decorations for his action to serve breeding :

Mérite Agricole : Chevalier in 1987, Officier in 1995 , when he was head of INRA Tours-Nouzilly Research Department.

Prix Robert Cassou ,awarded as well by French Academy of Agriculture.

Eric  Palmer, fondateur de CRYOZOOTECH

Since the foundation of CRYOZOOTECH in 2001, he was awarded with the gold medal of the «Académie d’Agriculture de France» in 2003 and has been today elected permanent correspondent of the «Académie d’Agriculture de France».


He’ll get together with his first peers, Henry BLANC and François DU MESNIL DU BUISSON. Henry  BLANC, when Managing Director of the Haras Nationaux, initiated the research partnership between INRA and the Haras Nationaux. François DU MESNIL DU BUISSON was Eric Palmer’s first headmaster and the one who managed to make him taking his first steps as a researcher.


Eric Palmer grants them a known authorship in his work : «Many years after I started, I re-read by chance the project of the program both Henry Blanc and François du Mesnil du Buisson had written before my recruitment. I suddenly became aware of the fact that most of what I had done was in fact already scheduled before I arrived. A real lesson in humility !»

Henry Blanc,

Henry Blanc,


Former Managing Director of Haras Nationaux,


Permanent Emeritus Member of the «Académie d’Agriculture de France»,


Initiator of equine research in France.