Genetic progress forward

Breeder's opinion

Thierry Pomel, rider of Thor des Chaînes
Since the first day, I have been interested in giving the opportunities to exceptional geldings to have offsprings. Today, only the males with famous origins are kept as stallions. It does not allow some "out of fashion" champions to reproduce.

I have accepted to give CRYOZOOTECH some Thor des Chaines's cells. I hope I will have one day the opportunity to see Thor des Chaines-stallion, who will transmit the exceptional qualities I found when I rode Thor des Chaines.

Alain Katz, Horse Import Export's CEO
In August 2004, Cryozootech showed her progresses by obtaining the very first embryos of ET-Stallion and Calvaro V-Stallion. These positive results show that what Eric Palmer said during several conferences leads to concrete results.

Geldings were lost for the breeding because they could not reproduce. Now, with the cloning technique, it is possible to make a stallion (who can have offsprings) out of a gelding .