Genetic progress forward

Isn't cloning a dead end to progress in genetics?

Using continuously the same breeding animal means of course stopping evolution and increasing consanguinity phenomenon. One must limit the application of cloning to limited cases and let's clearly mark them off ...

Selection is an evolution handed from generation to generation. The average of individuals for given generation is superior to the average of the previous one : they run faster, jump higher or are easier ...
The champions of one given generation are "in advance of" their coevals. They'll remain superior to them for some time ; they'll be contributing to "improvement" for still quite a few years and wills then be catched up.

Quidam de Revel for example is still viewed as one of the best worlwide genitors. Crossbred with most mares it still contributes to progress and deserves therefore to produce foals.
Nevertheless no need to say that years will soon make it sterile. Its career might be extended for a few years. Obviously, the fist class foals produced will then be a product breeders can sell with no difficulty.

The clone will be the "multiplier" of predictable genetics.
On the opposite side leading edge breeders willig to forego others will use Quidam de Revel's offspring, since its successor is alrealy born. They'll therefore make the bet which will give way to progress.