Genetic progress forward

Is cloning a performer to re-establish its performances a dream ?

Genetic theory allows to expect an identical performance, in spite of a great deal of variability : limited chances to be strickly identical ... but some will chance it. Let's them "put one's head on the block" and pay the price for experimentation!

An exceptional champion is one's rider life chance. Duplicating it to start again with is an understandable temptation. His dream will be even to do better by avoiding initial mistakes.

There might be unfortunately a gap between dreams and reality : doutlessly and perchance the outstanding champion might have had the best environment which enabled him to accomplish special performances.
Some will recommend to ban clones from competition assuming the rider has a competitive advantage close to doping.

But the true question is : doesn't prohibition incite with clandestinity ?
To allow thanks to a deep traceability concern would help to answer so many questions.
A possible side effect to this ban might be on the contrary to open the door to rafts of unknown origin horses but resembling former champions...