Genetic progress forward

Cryozootech at the service of owners of exceptionnal mares, international level geldings or well-known stallions

After storing genes in the Cryobank ( see our service biopsy, culture and storage for 10 years), Cryozootech will carry out the cloning whenever the owner decides :

Work done by Cryozootech
  • To secure a positive result quickly, Cryozootech works in the best equine laboratories and, gurantees enough nuclear transfers and setting up of embryos.

  • When the gestation reaches 90 days, we have good chances to get a foal. If a miscarriage were to happen, Cryozootech has the obligation to restart the work at the beginning without any extra cost.

  • The foal is delivered at the age of 30 days with a certificate of good health that enables the owner to insure the foal against mortality.

Contract with Cryozootech

  • The owner of the donor horse is also the owner of the stored cells, embryos, gestations and the foal, of course.

  • Cryozootech décides the techniques and the place of cloning.

DNA and registration of the foal
  • For each step of the process, an independent laboratory cheks the DNA.
  • Veterinarians chosen by both parties certify the foal's health
  • Cryozootech registers the foal in a well-know horse studbook.


No informaiton will be made public without the owner's prior agreement.