Genetic progress forward

Who as not dreamt of having the offspring of Milton or Jappeloup, who have disappeared a long time ago ?

Today thanks to the equine cloning technique, horses such as E.T, Calvaro V and Pieraz, all great international champions, will be able to have offspring.

Those geldings, who have enthralled you, are becoming stallions, thanks to the cloning technique and you can afford them.

You are a breeder :

You have two posibilities :

  • You have the possibility to becoming a co-owner of one of these stallion..
    With one purchase, you will be guaranteed one service per year during the entire life of the stallion.

    This is an investment but you are also certain to have services from these horses, which will be very popular. This is the case of  E.T.Cryozootech-Stallion for whom 56 co-ownership shares have already been sold..

    Shares are at present sold for 6000 € .

  • You can buy services.
    Cryozootech's stallions will offer services by artificial insemination with fresh semen (during the service season) and with frozen semen outside of the season.

    Each year, depending on offer and price, you will be able to buy a service of one of these horses. In 2007,  Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion , from the age of two, will be the first to offer services for a small  number of mares, and this from April :

    Purchase conditions :
    500€ at the time of booking ans 1000€ when the foal is born

With the reasonable price of these services, Cryozootech wishes to show that the cloning technique can help breeding, as it is within the financial reacg of many breeders who would like to advance to the next level, that of producing the champions of tomorrow.